New Construction

Taking the Worry Our of New Construction

Roof Repair Orlando Roofing Specialists LLC is a progressive company who understands that “new construction” is not as easy as most people believe. This is why we would like for our clients to know some facts about “new construction” which could make the process not too stressful.

Since most of “new construction” is done using blueprints and not the actual structure, this can cause problems that could possibly make the chosen roof not suitable for this type of “new construction”. If the choice of material for your roof is not what would be best for this type of roof, we will discuss with our clients all additional options. Since once the building begins, there can be many deviations from the blueprints; Roof Repair Orlando Roofing Specialists does our “new construction” differently than some contractors, to save our clients any additional stress that always comes with your new structure.

We will be very happy to look at your blueprints, and in this way we can give you a proposal based on the blueprints that we are shown. However, we always tell our clients that after the structure is started, and the roof deck is on the structure, we will then return to the site and review the structure. If there is a large discrepancy between the blueprints and what is currently being built, we let our client know immediately.

Our Commercial Division handles our commercial clients in this same matter. We will meet with the Owner and General Contractor before our proposal is started. We want to make sure that the roof is of the best possible material and construction for Florida. There have been many times that material or construction is not Florida Code and there is a better material that can be used in this application.

We realize that Commercial construction is usually on a very tight schedule, and we will always let the General Contractor know just how long it could be for the roof to be completely finished, after we start the installation. This is important to everyone, not just Roof Repair Orlando Roofing Specialists as Commercial construction (as well as residential) required that all trades coordinate their work.

Roof Repair Orlando Roofing Specialists does not limit itself to just two or three types of roofing material. We are constantly learning new material types, as well as new methods of installing the roof. We have manufacturer’ certification, and this is very important, as this allows Roof Repair Orlando Roofing Specialists to give clients the best warranty from the manufacturer. This way, we know that we can provide a total package for our clients from the beginning (reading the blueprints) until finished and inspection has been completed.

We offer both our residential and commercial clients the best warranty of their roofs, as well as manufacturer’s warranty and in some cases a NDL warranty (no dollar limit). Our normal labor warranty for residential is 5 years for roofs, and we stand in back of the manufacturer warranty on their product.

Roof Repair Orlando Roofing Specialists would like our clients to understand that we strive to make sure that our clients, either residential or commercial, receive only the highest standard of materials and workmanship.