Learn the Key Danger Signals of a Roofing Problem

Of course, it would be best if roofing repairs could be made before they actually create bigger problems, so here are few warning signs that might help you to avoid sometime costly repair bills:

If you go up into the your attic area after a really hard rain, and see that this area may be wet or damp, this could indicate the beginning of leaky shingles or shingles that may be getting very old and brittle.

If you notice that your paint is blistering or peeling, this could indicate that you have poor ventilation in your attic area. You may need to add or replace your current ventilation source.

If you have noticed that there appears to be shingles cracked, curled, or missing, this can be a sign that it is time to think about replacing your roof before it is too late.

While there are more than just the signals listed above, these are the most common, and should be watched for. Let us take a moment more of your time, and list of some of the items that we perform on each and every job that we complete.

We use 30# on all sloped roof projects. Roofs that are flat or low sloped usually only require a 15# felt, and we will use a double layer of this which will meet the code requirements.

We install peel-n-stick in the valley areas to help with drainage We nail all shingle roofs 6” on center which exceeds the code requirement of 4”.

We can offer you an upgrade from your existing shingle roof, and this will also allows us to give you a longer warranty on the product and labor.

We hope that this little information has helped you to understand what we can offer you for your roofing requirements. We want to make sure that you, our client, is fully aware of what your roof needs, and exactly what Roof Repair Orlando Roofing Specialists will be doing to make your home a beautiful place again.