Many companies are investing in solar panel projects to reduce their overall electric consumption. Walmart, for example, is covering the rooftops of their stores with solar panels. Businesses like Walmart, BJs, and Kohl’s are now generating about 30% of their electricity straight from the sun, helping to lower their carbon footprint. The government is also involved making solar energy more affordable for large commercial applications with programs like Renewable Energy Credits (RECs).

Roof Repair Orlando Roofing Specialists can provide your business with innovative solutions and high efficiency solar modules at low costs. By buying directly from the manufacturer and passing the savings through to its customers, Roof Repair Orlando Roofing Specialists are focused on controlling your costs. Solar power is the answer for any business looking for a way to reduce its operating costs. The fusion™ commercial solar system converts free, abundant sunlight into electricity to operate all your equipment, tools, appliances (refrigeration, HVAC, pumps, etc.).

Roof Repair Orlando Roofing Specialists offer mid-size to large commercial customers the unique opportunity to roll out a national or global commercial solar energy program with predictable pricing and absolutely no capital outlay.

As a commercial solar power customer, you can host a commercial solar energy system while enjoying:

Minimized or no upfront costs

Increased freedom from volatile fuel rates

Long-term predictably priced rates – equal to or lower than retail energy rates

Immediate energy savings

Fully managed services

Maximized use of solar investment credits and other solar incentives

Solar electricity can make a long-term difference in meeting financial and environmental goals. Common characteristics that BlueChip Energy™ customers share include:

High or volatile energy bills

Multiple facilities or distribution centers

Cold storage requirements

Single-story facilities generally with a minimum of 50,000 square feet

Rooftops less than 7 years old (for roof-mount systems)

Five or more acres of unused land (for ground-mount systems)

A well-established business with a strong balance sheet