Sometimes there is no doubt whether it is time to replace your roof. Is there a fallen tree breaking into your attic? If so, then it is time. However, when you are thinking of selling your home, you may not be sure whether to replace a roof that is seemingly working just fine. You may have concerns that some cracked shingles might affect potential buyers, or that they might not like the look of the moss that’s collected up there. Here are some things to consider if you are unsure whether to get a roof replacement before putting your Orlando home on the market.

Why Does It Matter?

Roofs that are damaged or worn down can cost a lot of money to replace or repair. The cost of those repairs can be a sticking point when it comes to negotiating the sale of a home. If you don’t fix your roof, then the potential buyer will try to get a better price. That said, a smart seller knows that even a roof replacement might only get around 50% of that investment back from the sale.

How To Decide

You will have to weigh out all of the factors involved to see if replacing or repairing the roof makes sense for your situation. What is the market like? Have homes in your neighborhood had trouble selling? How much longer might the roof have left in its lifetime? Getting a roof inspection done will provide you some answers, as will your realtor.

How Much Damage Is There?

Getting a professional roof inspection will tell you how much damage there is to the roof, if any, and how much longer you can expect the roof to last. They will also provide you with an estimate of how much roof repair or a roof replacement will cost. This will tell you not only how much you will need to spend to get it fixed, but also how much you will have to lower the sale price if you decide not to.

Benefits To Getting It Fixed

Selling your home faster might be the biggest reason to get your roof fixed right away. You might be able to avoid the stress of having a home on the market for a long time if buyers are hesitating because it needs a roof replacement. If your roof is new or well maintained, then it is just one fewer thing to worry about. You can get your roofing professional to provide a certificate showing that the roof is viable for a certain number of years after any repairs or the roof replacement.

Benefits to Selling As-Is

There are also reasons why you might just want to go ahead and put the home on the market. You may not be able to afford the repairs, for instance. Your sale price will suffer, but then you won’t have to pay that money up front. If the market is strong enough, the roof might not deter a buyer from giving you a good price, however. Also, if your asking price reflects the costs of repairing the roof, then you may find more potential buyers. This could result in a bidding war which will drive up the price to compensate.

If your roof is at the end of its lifetime, then you should absolutely get a roof replacement before placing it on the market. If you are unsure, then there are many factors to consider before getting a roofing contractor to replace or repair it. Check with our experts to advise you which decision is right for your home.