Building a home can be fun and exciting, but it can also come with some stress and frustration. When it comes to roofing for a new build, there are several headaches that can pop up to add to the stress and potentially cause delays and increased cost. After all, a building is certainly not complete without its roof.

Sometimes the problems come from the blueprint. If the building designer has chosen a certain type of roof and a certain type of material for that roof, the two might not be compatible. Or, the type of roof that is selected might not be possible with the structure of the building. A quality roofing specialist will be able to discuss all of the available options to guide you to make the right choice for your new roof. The good thing about blueprints is that they always change from the initial draft, so make sure to choose a roofer that can be flexible and won’t waste your time or money on an incompatible roofing option.

We are more than happy to study the blueprints that you already have for the home, at which point we will formulate a proposal based on what you are already building. We always take into consideration what our clients’ needs and desires are when designing our roofing plans. If at any point during the process we find that the roofing option you want does not match the structure, then we will notify you immediately and provide alternate plans that you will still love.

The same goes for commercial builds and commercial clients. In these cases, we’ll get together with the general contractor and the owner/operator of the building to discuss all of the owner’s needs. With that information, we will provide the best options for the building that will meet all building codes and be compatible with the structure and layout of the new building.

Commercial construction often comes with an extremely tight schedule, so our initial proposal will also include timelines and building schedules from start to finish. That way, everyone has all the information they need to plan the build properly. All of the trades involved in a new build need to work cohesively, and we are committed to working with everyone to keep the process moving as efficiently as possible.

We are always researching new methods and materials that we can use to do our job better. Why limit yourself to only certain options? We keep up to date on all advancements so that we can be sure to build and install the perfect roof for you. We are fully certified and provide a comprehensive warranty so that you are protected every step of the way.

Our warranty is the best in the industry, and combined with the manufacturer’s warranty, you can be sure that your investment will be protected for many years to come. For labor we offer a 5 year warranty, and we stand by all manufacturer’s warranties for the products we use.

Our first priority is the client in everything we do. They deserve nothing less than the best, from the craftsmanship of our specialists to the products that we install. Give us a call today to get the best roof on your new build.