There is no doubt that roofing problems only get exacerbated if they are not dealt with early. The longer a problem lingers, the more it can grow and get worse. There are some signs that can help warn you about problems with the roof, however. Here is a list of those signs.

After a hard rain, it’s a good idea to head up to the attic to check for any moisture. If you find that there is one or several spots that are damp or wet, then it may mean you have leaks in your shingles. This could be caused by damage or it may just be that the shingles have gotten older and worn down or brittle.

Up in the attic, if you notice any blistering or peeling paint, it might mean you don’t have enough ventilation up there. Have a professional take a look at your ventilation system to see if it needs to be replaced or repaired.

From the outside of the house, you may notice that your shingles don’t look right. They may be cracked or curled, or there could be shingles missing. If so, then you may need a roof replacement before it causes damage inside your house.

There are more warning signs that you might need roof repair, but these are some of the most common ones to keep any eye out for. Here are some roofing services that we provide to keep your home safe from the elements.

For sloped roof projects, we ust 30# felt. Most roofs only need a 15# felt, but we feel that the extra value gives our customers some extra peace of mind.

To assist drainage, we use a peel and stick technique in the valley spots of your roof. Codes generally require that shingles are nailed 4” at the center, but we like to go with 6” for that extra support.

We also provide a comprehensive warranty on not just the roofing product but the labor as well.

So keep an eye out for those warning signs, and if you find any potential issues with your roof, call in the experts to keep your home protected.