When you meet with roofing companies in Orlando like Safe Choice to get your roof repaired or replaced, they will tell you the basics. They’ll let you know how much it is going to cost, and how long it should take, and you can decide from that point whether you want to go with that company or another. However, it is always best to come prepared with some extra knowledge so that you can gauge the expertise and experience of a roofing contractor, and so that you can ask better questions to make sure you choose a company that will meet your needs. Here are some facts you should be armed with when meeting roofing companies.

A Roof Is More Than Just Shingles

The shingles are the part of the roof that most of us see, but there is a complex system working to keep your home protected and dry. All of the components work in tandem. There are the shingles, of course, but under those shingles is the underlayment. There is also flashing, vents, and specially designed ice or water protection products. It is usually best to use products from the same manufacturer so that you know they will work together. You can ask your roofer if they use complete systems or if they mix and match.

Shingle Types Are Installed Differently

There are several different types of shingles, and each needs to be installed correctly. This means that depending on the type of shingle you choose, there needs to be a certain number of nails used per shingle to attached them to the roof deck.

Flashing Is Crucial

Flashing is used around structures that might be susceptible to water leakage. This means that chimneys and vents need flashing to protect the area. If you do not have adequate flashing, then just like a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, your roof will not do its job. There are different types of flashing that work best for different types of structures. For instance, Z flashing works best with brick side, and reglet-set works with clapboard siding.

Peaks and Valleys

Valleys in the roof are prime spots for water to collect and eventually seep into your home. All too often when a roof is installed incorrectly, it’s the valleys that are the problem. All valleys, even in Orlando, should have ice and water protection, along with the proper flashing and shingles. It should all be installed as per the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure that is done correctly.

Water Does Not Always Follow Gravity

This might sound strange, but it’s true. As water heads down the roof to the gutter, it can sometimes end up clinging to a shingle and slipping underneath. Then, it can penetrate to the underlayment and potentially into the roof deck. To prevent this, shingles should extend past the drip edge so that the water can just drip into the gutter instead of into the roof deck.

Meeting with contractors for any home repair or renovation can be overwhelming. Hopefully now with these tips you’ll have the confidence when you meet with roofing contractors to ask the right questions and find one that’s right for you.