There is a lot that goes into roofing services. What type of service you need will depend on what kind of roof you have and the materials that were used to construct it. Even though there are many variations, all roofs share the same basic components that make sure they don’t leak.

Shingle Roofs

If you are having the entire roof replaced, then everything will be taken away. This includes shingles, nails, edges, and even underlayment. Many roofs are made up of various layers that serve to help prevent leaks. Each one of those layers will be removed. At that point, one of our roofing specialists will conduct a thorough examination of your roof deck to identify any damage from moisture or if there is any separation of the components. At that point, they will decide whether you need a new roof deck as well as surface replacement.

After all the material has been removed and sent for disposal or recycling, installation can begin for your replacement roof. Assuming that the roof deck is still in place, the underlayment will be installed first. We will also go around the perimeter of the roof with drip edge, and install other pieces such as vents, boots, and flashing. If there are any valley areas of your roof, we will use peel-n-stick technology to make a strong bond and provide extra moisture protection. Valleys are very susceptible to collecting water. After this, the roof is ready for the installation of the shingles.

Shingle products are all covered by warranty, which can vary in length depending on the type of shingle. All of our products carry a guarantee of 25 years at the minimum. We also offer a 5 year warranty on labor. Before your roof is installed, we will discuss with you all warranty details and options.

Tile Roofs

Tile roofs are quite common, and they also come in a variety of designs and styles. They can be concrete or clay tiles, or a synthetic material. The problem with tiles is that they can break over time from regular wear and tear. With the weather that Orlando typically gets, tiles can dry out turn brittle, which makes them susceptible to cracking. If only individual tiles are broken, then they can most likely be repaired on an individual basis. Our roofing experts will inspect your entire tile roof to make sure there aren’t any underlying issues before repairing the tiles on your roof.  

Tile roofing systems also use an underlayment, which may need replacing during a roof repair or replacement. When tiles and nails are removed from a roof, then the underlayment is also damaged from the process, which means that it must be replaced. If not, your roof will almost surely leak, even if the tiles are installed perfectly.

When repairing your roof, we will do our best to match the original color. Sometimes when products are discontinued matching the color may not be possible, but we understand that the appearance of your home is very important, so we will find a color that closely matches it. No matter what your roofing problem is, if you are in Orlando, contact us for all of your roofing solutions.