The Roofing Process varies between the types of material that has been decided to use for a particular roof, but each type of roof still has the basics that must be completed to ensure that the roof will not leak.

SHINGLE: If the roof is being replaced, any existing shingles, underlayment, drip edge and nails will be removed. If your roof has several layers of material, these will be removed down to the roof deck. Our personnel will then inspect your roof deck for moisture damage and roof separation. If necessary, we will replace the damaged decking and then prepare the surface for installation. Roof Repair Orlando Roofing Specialists will always nail 6” on center (the new code).

Once this material has been removed, it is time to start the installation of your new roof. We will put down new underlayment (which is usually 30# felt), install new drip edge around the perimeter of the roof; install new flashing, boots, and vents (if necessary). We install Peel-N-Stick in the valley areas of the roof (very strong and keeps moisture at a minimum), and then we can install the new shingles that you have chosen for your roof.

Under some circumstances, some additional things may need to be replaced on the roof. We will let you know if we need to replace your Off Ridge Vents (for heat escape), and other items like chimney crickets. When you received our proposal, all of these items were indicated on it.

Your warranty will vary by the type of shingle that you have chosen, or maybe under the new code, we had to upgrade your shingle. Roof Repair Orlando Roofing Specialists LLC offers a full five (5) year Labor warranty on our roof replacements. A vast majority of manufacturers offer a minimum 25 year guaranty on their shingles, but there are manufacturers and shingle types that offer a Lifetime warranty. When you signed our proposal, our personnel would discuss with you the exact warranty that the shingles you chose would have.

TILE: Tile roofs are very common especially here in Florida. Tiles come in many styles of types, from clay to concrete and synthetics. All the different types of tiles can be used on your roof.

Tiles sometimes break from normal wear and tear. With our climate of extremes in Florida, a tile can become brittle, and when things fall on the tile, it can be broken. A homeowner with a tile roof has options, though not as many as a shingled roof.

Tiles can be removed individually when they are broken. Roof Repair Orlando Roofing Specialists can inspect your tile roof, and determine how many tiles are broken. What can be done is that the tiles must be removed (gently); the underlayment and roof decking must be inspected for any type of damage that may be caused by the broken tile.

Once everything is determined by our trained experts, we will replace your underlayment. This is especially necessary due to the removal of the tiles and any existing nails that were used during installation. If this underlayment is not replaced, your roof will leak, not from the tile, but from the existing holes in the underlayment.

Roof Repair Orlando Roofing Specialists will match any existing color as close as possible. Please keep in mind that some tiles have been discontinued, and the only option is try and get a color close to the existing tiles. We will try and blend everything for you, our homeowner, so that the repair will not be extremely noticeable, and your home will be beautiful.